How to add vocoder to the Asterisk?

I created a module that implements AMR-WB vocoder and I need to add it to the standard Asterisk vocoders list. What and where should I change and add in ‘config’ and ‘make’ files to have an ability to compile the whole Asterisk with my module in ‘codecs’ folder?
Thank you.

Still need help.

i think you need to ask Asterisk devs rather than users. with use the asterisk-dev mailing list, or the Asterisk IRC channels.

That is what I do the whole day.
But I cannot get the answer :cry:

you’ve been ignored ? weird.

if your code is complete, can’t you just edit the /codecs/Makefile and add your module to the CODECS+= list ?

once you’ve done this and tested it, then maybe file a “bug” at and get your disclaimer in

Sorry, here is the /codecs/Makefile:

# Asterisk -- A telephony toolkit for Linux.
# Makefile for codec modules
# Copyright (C) 1999-2006, Digium, Inc.
# Mark Spencer <>
# This program is free software, distributed under the terms of
# the GNU General Public License

-include ../menuselect.makeopts ../menuselect.makedeps

C_MODS:=$(filter-out $(MENUSELECT_CODECS),$(patsubst %.c,%,$(wildcard codec_*.c)))
CC_MODS:=$(filter-out $(MENUSELECT_CODECS),$(patsubst,%,$(wildcard codec_*.cc)))


ifneq ($(findstring codecs,$(MENUSELECT_EMBED)),)


all: _all

include $(ASTTOPDIR)/Makefile.moddir_rules

ifneq ($(GSM_INTERNAL),)
$(if $(filter codec_gsm,$(EMBEDDED_MODS)),, gsm/lib/libgsm.a

	$(MAKE) -C gsm clean
	$(MAKE) -C lpc10 clean
	$(MAKE) -C ilbc clean

	@mkdir -p gsm/lib
	@$(MAKE) -C gsm lib/libgsm.a

	@$(MAKE) -C lpc10 all

$(if $(filter codec_lpc10,$(EMBEDDED_MODS)),, $(LIBLPC10)

	@$(MAKE) -C ilbc all

$(if $(filter codec_ilbc,$(EMBEDDED_MODS)),, $(LIBILBC) 

What should I change here? Or add?
Thank you for your tenderness.

ah, 1.4. you need to modify the file, the build_tools/ and a couple of others, and specify dependencies.

have a look at … 4&type=bug as an example for how to add your new codec to the list.

Thank you!