Add properties in Remote-Party-ID

Hi i am using asterisk 13.7 with pjsip.

Setting send_rpid to the endpoint adds a header —
Remote-Party-ID: “Jon Doe” sip:1234567890@X.X.X.X;privacy=off;screen=no

What property do i need to change to get a result like this —
Remote-Party-ID: “Jon Doe” sip:1234567890@X.X.X.X;privacy=off;screen=no;id-type=subscriber

Also is there any variable available where the X.X.X.X of the sip uri (sip:1234567890@X.X.X.X) is set. I was thinking if i cant add the ‘id-type’ by changing any property, i will use PJSIP_HEADER to create my own ‘Remote-Party-ID

Thanks in advance.

There is no ability to add parameters to the RPID like that. As for variables containing that information, it’s set to the local IP address of the system generally. If you can find something in the dialplan to provide that then you could create the RPID yourself. You may also be able to provide a dummy value there as the remote side may not care.

can you suggest a standard way which i can use to get the local ip address used by asterisk in the from header?

A method to retrieve such information does not come to mind immediately.

Thanks anyway for the reply.