Add a prefix / prepend digits

Hi Group,

Can someone let me know how to add (prefix/prepend) the digit 088 in front by Asterisk when I dial a 5 digit tel number starting with the digit 6?

I have trouble finding a way to do this in the “extensions.conf”.


exten => _6XXXX,1,Dial(SIP/provider/088${EXTEN})

this matches any 6XXXX (five digit starting with 6) extension, and then dials 088 ${EXTEN}. ${EXTEN} is what you dialed in the first place.

Replace SIP/provider/ with something that applies to you, perhaps Zap/G1 (zaptel group 1)…


Thanks. That is what I looked for. I will try it now.

Just one more thing, can I know a link which give me more details on the variable “${EXTEN}.” in the dial application in Asterisk.



gernerally, if you need to ask “where can i find more info on Asterisk variable/functions/applications ?” you should be looking in the wiki (see link in sticky at top of forum) … +Variables