Add a customize astricks dial plan

I like add a customized dial plan to allowed when a user dial our number ext 610 it will forward to 1-416
5551212 X 135 without it stating the other company’s name (it should appear like a person call a internal number and ext)

What system are you using? Did you compile Asterisk yourself or are you using a separate distribution (Elastix, PBX in a Flash, …)? Are you using WebGUI?

Where are you stuck?

If you want the forum members to help you, please provide more details and do some experimentation on your part. If you want somebody to grab you by the hand and lead you through every single detail, you should post on Jobs forum.

I trying to use ether astricks commands or the free pbx guit to achieve this funcation.

I total newbie and would like to know how I can this can ocur:
Inbound calls made to specific our company extensions (ie 610) need to be routed to an external number and a specific extension 1-416-555-1212 X (ie135)

From the user experience the caller should hear our company greeting in our phone system and when prompted, dial the extension of the person they are looking for (i.e. 610). The next thing they should hear is the ringing of the actual extension.

After the person dials our company extension, they SHOULD NOT hear the automated attendant greeting of the forwarded phone number, nor the automatic keying in of the person’s extension at that number. This should happen seamlessly and quickly on the back end so that the caller isn’t aware their call has been forwarded.

That is not a newbie project!

Amongst other things, it requires a detailed knowledge of the behaviour of the automated attendant. If it can be done at all, you are going to have to use the subroutine or goto option in Dial, and it is probably going to take quite a lot of experimenting.

this the reason I posted here I like someone to give a sample on how to do this.
From there I figure it out.

It’s not a standard thing to do, so it is unlikely that anyone will have an example to give.

I understand complex to it but find hard no one can give a sample of this code

I can not be the only one who ask for this to be done … There must be thousand of people who done this and no one can show me a sample of this code? (that just strange)

I sure even out those thousand and thousand of people some them where beginners like me and can figure out base on the sample given how to make it work.