Active Channel even after you hangup

Hi Guys,

I’m looking to make some sip call to a certain (verbose, musiconhold, IVR) then when I hangup my phone my channel will still be running. Is there a way to make this possible?

Does anyone have this the same?


Use the “h” extension. The channel will not be able to do anything that involves making calls or handling media.

Thanks David.
I’m thinking about that as well and the question is if I want to kill that certain channels, is their a simple way?


Sorry, I don’t understand.

Oh sorry, having hard time to explain I want to accomplish, haha.

just to have it simple, I want to have my line unavailable by calling someone or playing message or any then when I hangup my line still unavailable because my line(sip channel) is still running? is their a way to do that?

Not in the PABX. You can make the extension number unavailable by storing the last used time in a variable or database entry, and checking that when new calls are offered to the extension.

Sorry david, you been helpful but can you make some example please?


You will need to find someone who will accept a consultancy contract, or is prepared to do free consultancy if you want the details fleshed out.