Activating the hold and conference

my qustion is how to activate the hold and conference button on the
xlite soft phone… …and how to map that text to the
extention…thanks to all in advance

please don’t cross-post. your question is probably answered with a visit to and the purchase of eyebeam instead of x-lite. it’s called x-lite for a reason.

i have used x-lite with asterisk@home and found these features active there can u tell me the reason…thanks

so what did counterpath tell you ?

are the button disabled, or is it that you don’t have Asterisk configured correctly ? you’re not exactly free with information here !

dosti, your answer is over on the counterpath website, not here. digium does not maintain or endorse x-lite.

that said, those buttons are disabled on x-lite by counterpath - as x-lite is free, they cripple some of the features so that you will be encouraged to buy the full version (called eyebeam).

again, if you had bothered to look at the company-provided product pages, you would have found this information.


Im not sure what builds you have, But on all versions of the original Xlite they work and on my copy of xlite 3 build 30942 they work as well.

Hold wil be greyed out unitl you are on an active call and conf is greyed out until you have two active calls.