About the internal works of Asterisk!

Hi, guys!

I am looking for some technical material describing the internal structure and working flow of the Asterisk PBX software.

To my dismay (and also to my surprise), I searched the Asterisk homepage and the Internet, but failed to find any systematic introductory materials on this topic.

Anyone who can provide me with or refer me to such materials is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Your question is slightly off. you mean you want to know how asterisk operates?

or do you want to know how it is coded?

It’s got a core, and a bunch of modules.
Look at the code or the doxygen docs.

I’m not a C coder, but have managed to hack a few bits and pieces to make development modules work.

Get on IRC and ask one of the developers where to look. This probably isn’t the best place to ask.

Look at janitor projects on asterisk.org for your first look into how it works.
asterisk.org/developers (bottom right for janitor projects)

thanks to all of you, anyway!