About DTFM Digits from cell phone and non sip external numbe


I’m very early in Asterisk server but, i have little problem with DTFM Digits from my cell phone ( or any other ) or non sip caller. For example, if i call to my sip extension number like 102 to 103 My IVR is calling to me that please press number 1 for call to “admin”, and when i press, i have call on my 103 number. BUT when i calling from my cell phone or non sip external number, IVR is calling to me again but when i try press number at my keyboard its nothing gona do… And i dont know why.
I have dtmfmode=rfc2833 and i try all other options but with not succesfull. I tried copys and paste others options in my server but still nothing. Can somebody help me?? My asterisk is
Asterisk (Ver. 1.8.11)

Please help me guys! i will wait for your answers. If you wanna know something more ask me! And sorry for my english but i still learn it. :frowning:

Who is terminating the circuit switched connection for the non-SIP external caller? If it is not you, then they have to encoded DTMF in the same way that you are receiving it. In particular, they must use RFC 2833 or INFO, unless they are using a G.711 codec.

A cell phone is the same as a PSTN fixed line in this respect, although, in reality, it is the base station, not the phone, that generates the DTMF tone.