Aastra 9112i registration

Hey I am using an aastra 9112i at a remote station who is suppose to connect to my server to dial out. However because the remote station uses comcast her ip address is constantly changing and will not register with asterisk. She is able to make outgoing calls but can not recieve any incoming calls. The incoming calls will go directly to voicemail. Has anybody else had this problem and would like to share how they fixed it. Thanks for the advice.


If you know the lease time for her IP address try to set the parameter “sip registration period” to less than this duration (in seconds). You can put this configuration either in the aastra.cfg or .cfg file that the phone downloads from the tftp server.

#Example the following setting will make the phone re-register with
#the asterisk server every 100 seconds.
sip registration period: 100