AAstra 9112i - no service

Hello Chaps - I afraid I’m new to astersik so please help and excuse my ignorance –
We have a couple of aastra 9112i phones already and they seemed OK and good for teleconferencing so we decided to purchased some more as we needed them for additional staff. The new aastra 9112i SIP phones – naturally had a later firmware – I copied and extended the existing configuration and naturally thought the new phones would install and work without too much fuss, however I am stuck with a bunch of phones that are at the latest firmware with ‘No Service’ displayed and not working.

The first two definitions for the phone in sip.conf section follows:

;test sip settings for AAstra phone 9112i
callerid=“Name One” <201>

callerid=“Name two” <202>

On rebooting my test phone (Phone14) I see the following in the Sip Show Peers screen.

–Registered SIP 'phone14 at port 1034 expires 3600

followed by:

DEC 4 17:46:09 NOTICE[3187]: chan_sip.c:11564 sip_poke_noanswer: Peer ‘phone14’ is now UNREACHABLE! Last qualify: 194

Any suggestions and help would be most appreciated –


Have you created the .cfg files in the tftpboot directory ?


Hi Ian - thanks for your interest and response:
Yes I have created a TFTP and loaded two config files - the .cfg and also aastra.cfg - I’m not entirely sure the content of the files is correct though.

Below is the content of the two files two files:


File: “.cfg”

sip line1 mode: 0
sip line1 auth name: phone14
sip line1 password: blablabla
sip line1 user name: phone14
sip line1 display name: Paul
sip line1 screen name: Paul
sip line1 proxy ip:
sip line1 proxy port: 5060
sip line1 registrar ip:
sip line1 registrar port: 5060
sip line1 registration period: 3600
sip line1 vmail: *97
sip display name: Paul <214>

headset tx gain: 0
handset tx gain: 0
handsfree tx gain: 0

xml application post list:

Programmable Keys

prgkey1 type: blf
prgkey1 label: Reception
prgkey1 value: 100
prgkey1 line: 1

prgkey2 type: blf
prgkey2 label: John
prgkey2 value: 111
prgkey2 line: 1

prgkey3 type: blf
prgkey3 label: Steve
prgkey3 value: 110
prgkey3 line: 1

prgkey4 type: blf
prgkey4 label: Kate
prgkey4 value: 144
prgkey4 line: 1

prgkey5 type: blf
prgkey5 label: Terri
prgkey5 value: 146
prgkey5 line: 1

prgkey6 type: blf
prgkey6 label: Peter
prgkey6 value: 113
prgkey6 line: 1

prgkey7 type: speeddial
prgkey7 label: voicemail
prgkey7 value: *97
prgkey7 line: 1


File: “aastra.cfg”

dhcp: 1 # DHCP enabled.

sip silence suppression: 2 # “0” = off, “1” = on, “2” = default
sip proxy ip: # IP of proxy server.
sip proxy port: 5060 # 5060 is set by default.
sip registrar ip: # IP of registrar.
sip registrar port: 5060 # 5060 is set by default.
sip registration period: 3600 # registration timeout
sip digit time out: 2
sip dial plan: "X+#|XX+*"
sip vmail: *97
sip explicit mwi subscription: 1
sip use basic codec: 1
sip out-of-band dtmf: 1
sip mode: 0
sip intercom type: 1
sip intercom prefix code: *9
sip allow auto-answer: 1

missed calls indicator disabled: 1
conference disabled: 1
call forward disabled: 1
auto resync mode: 3
auto resync time: 02:00

time server disabled: 0 # time server enabled.
time server1: # time server
time zone name: GB-London # timezone name
time zone code: GMT # timezone code
time zone minutes: 60 # timezone offset
time format: 1 # 0=12 hr, 1=24 hr
date format: 0 # 5=dd;mm;yy

admin password: 22222 # administrator password
web interface enabled: 1
download protocol: TFTP
tftp server:
language: 0
tone set: United Kingdom