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A well researched book,“VOIP Overview and Setup of VOIP in an office: A Manual for VOIP Setup: How to set up a VOIP system for an office IP-PBX using Asterisk@Home©” is published from VDM-Publishing house, Germany regarding VOIP Setup using Asterisk@Home.This book is intended to present some important theoretical and experimental result that I have faced during setting up a VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) server with the well known open source VOIP server Asterisk@Home©. To get a brief overview about this book consider the main points of following chapters: Chapter 1 “Introduction of Voice Over IP Home Gateway” which gives a brief overview of this technology and project objective. Chapter 2 “VOIP Overview” covers the hardware, software, network and protocol requirements to setup IP-PBX. Chapter 3 “VOIP Signaling Protocol H.323” focused on VOIP signaling protocol that widely use for this service. Chapter 4 “VOIP Signaling Protocol SIP” which is another signaling protocol developed by IETF. Chapter 5 “IP-PBX configuration, Part1”, which gives a total guideline to setup and configure IP-PBX Gnugk. Chapter 6 “IP-PBX configuration, Part2”, which gives a total guideline to setup and configure IP-PBX by Asterisk@Home.

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$68 for 92 pages. Seems expensive to me.

Is there another Asterisk@Home or is this new book based on old info?