A@H Weather *61

Is it possible to change *61 in A@H so you hear your own local weather instead of New York?

yes, it’s very possible.

open the weather.agi file, in /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin

you’ll notice at the top:

my $server = "weather.noaa.gov"; my $basepath = "data/forecasts"; my $custpath = "city/ny"; my $filename = "newyork.txt";

just change $custpath, and $filename to the corresponding state and
city of your choice. you’ll have to make an anonymous ftp connection
to weather.noaa.gov and list the /data/forecasts directory and /data/forecasts/city/STATE to see what filename to grab.

also, change this to make sure the text2speech reads the correct city:

$AGI->exec('......"The latest weather forecast for XXXXX...... \"");

Don’t remember where I found this, but this extension gets one of NOAA’s mp3 files and plays it for the caller. *62 (changed the wake up ext) gives me an mp3 of the surf report from NOAA

exten => *61,1,Answer
exten => *61,2,Playback(latest-forecast)
exten => *61,3,System(/usr/bin/curl -s wrh.noaa.gov/lox/local/audio/LAXCAZ045.mp3 > /tmp/LAXCAZ045.mp3)
exten => *61,4,Wait(1)
exten => *61,5,MP3Player(/tmp/LAXCAZ045.mp3)
exten => *61,6,System(rm /tmp/LAXCAZ045.mp3 -f)
exten => *61,7,Hangup

How can we take the weather from a podcast.

phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZSt … 2&s=143441 is a podcast for local atlanta weather.

this is a mp3 file.

anyone know where to find Seattle, WA weather forecast audio clips? I’d like to replace the Festival forecast with something that sounds better and don’t want to purchase a better text2speech engine to accomplish it. I’ve searched and haven’t come across any sites though and didn’t see anything at noaa?


NOAA only has some weather mp3 file


I’m still looking for local Atlanta weather audio.