64-bit Asterisk

Hi everyone,

I have a quick question, may sound silly but I just wanted to confirm.

Could we install Asterisk 1.4.18, Asterisk-addons, Zaptel and Libpri on 64-bit CentOS5?

I looked into the download directory and didn’t find any special 64-bit tar file. Is that supported?

Does it have any impact on Asterisk performance?


I just can tell you one of our customers uses Asterisk 1.4.5.on Suse Linux Enterprise 64 bit and I installed from sources without problems.


Marco Bruni

Does it make any difference, do you know?

is it performing better than 32-bit?

Thanks for your quick reply.

I can’t tell if it’s performing better that a 32 bit server, I didn’t any test about so I don’t have any data for the comparison.


Marco Bruni