404 no destination found on Invite

Hi, I am using Asterisk 13.6.0, and there has been an issue a few of my users have been facing. Those users are logging into our system by calling to a specified number, using the AgentLogin() application. But a few times, what happens is that an invite request again sent after every 900s, is being sent from our system to them, and we are getting 404 No destination found, and so, call gets disconnected.
But this is not happening always, and mostly the response for Invite is 200 OK, and no issues are happening for those calls.
Can you please me what can the reasons for such error message, even when there has been invite request been sent previously in the session, and there was no issue in that?

You need to contac the remote end, when you get the 404 response as it looks they cant route your call

But shouldn’t it be showing the same error message all the times, as this scenario is happening a very few times.

If you are sending the INVITE request to the same #, it is up to the remote party to route or no the call

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