404 Not Found possible reasons


Question please: If A calls B via Asterisk, and B is listed in the dialplan, but the call ends immediately on A’s side, A receives 404 Not Found, and B doesn’t receive anything,

What could be the possible reasons for this 404?

Remark: A is able to call B again after a minute approx.


If you provide the console output for each side then we could potentially answer. As it is there isn’t enough information.

It is not reproducible and happens randomly. I will post the log when it occurs.

Meanwhile, from your experience, could it be anything else but a connection problem, that is when the server tries to send the INVITE to the callee using their saved IP and port but the operation fails? All my clients being behind NAT, I am suspecting an IP expiry issue. Wouldn’t it produce a 404 error in this case?

I am also wondering if a keep alive setting could help maintain the session alive…


It depends on configuration. I wouldn’t expect a 404 in that case.

The most likely cause is that the extension really doesn’t exist in the context associated with the incoming peer.

A long shot is that you are using type=friend on chan_sip and spoofing an internal caller ID, so ending in the wrong context.

The dialled extension exists in the same context. I am using realtime database for sip peers. However, I do have type=friend on chan_sip for all peers in the database.

I am not sure how I could be spoofing an internal caller ID to end in the wrong context. Could you please explain it to me? Should I change the type for all peers??

Again, this seems to be happening randomly.


After reading both:


I set type=peer for all my extensions. I hope this will solve the “call ended” issue.