401 after INVITE for outgoing calls

:exclamation: Hi,

I am getting a 401 unauth for every outgoing call i try to make

how to disable it ?

ps: the call get connected normally after i get the challenge and reply with the auth vectors…

Asterisk Version


Sounds like it is working as intended and not causing problems.

When you say outgoing call, do you mean relative to Asterisk (in which case disabling authentication needs to be done on the network side) or relative to you desktop phone?

The 401 is the challenge!

ya its working fine ( from a challenging perspective)
but i want to disbale it if possible ( its annoying as i am trying to test my application server , and sipp isnt getting the challenge)

by outgoing i mean, calls go from Xlite to ASterisk

is there anyway to stop that 401 ? i need the extension to register , but i want to stop this 401
should i install another version than ?


Remove the password from sip.conf. Also setting insecure=invite will probably stop it. Both make you vulnerable to toll fraud.

If you are doing some sort of evaluation, why are you using an obsolete version of Asterisk? isn’t even the final sub-version of the 1.6.2 series!

thanks David,

no more 401 after insecure=invite

however , do u suggest a better Version ? that i should work on ?

The the most recent currently supported long term stable version is The most recent currently supported leading edge version is 11.0.2. Long term stable versions are less feature rich, but will remain supported for longer.

i will give a try :bulb: