40 ConfBridgeTalking events per second

Hi everyone,

playing a little with confbridge features i see an unclear behaviour. With “talk_detection_events” enabled asterisk sends about 40-60 “TalkingStatus: on” events per second. But only very small amount of “TalkingStatus: off” events. Only one user in the conference.

I receive this events with telnet:

Event: ConfbridgeTalking Privilege: call,all Channel: SIP/1292158-00000006 Uniqueid: 1412101232.18 Conference: 101 TalkingStatus: on

Here is my default_user profile:

[code]CLI> confbridge show profile user default_user

Name: default_user
Admin: false
Marked User: false
Start Muted: false
MOH When Empty: disabled
MOH Class: default
Quiet: disabled
Wait Marked: disabled
END Marked: disabled
Drop_silence: enabled
Silence Threshold: 2000ms
Talking Threshold: 100ms
Denoise: enabled
Jitterbuffer: enabled
Talk Detect Events: enabled
DTMF Pass Through: disabled
PIN: None
Announce User Count: disabled
Announce join/leave: disabled
Announce User Count all: disabled[/code]

I tested asterisk-11.13.0 , certified-asterisk-11.6 and asterisk-12.6.0

Anyone an idea? Is this a bug or a misconfiguration?

thank you

It seems, that reviewboard.asterisk.org/r/3563/ does the job very well …