302 Moved Temporarily

We have our Asterisk System communicating with an IP Based Wireless Phone Solution. Until just recently we were running Asterisk 1.2 but had to upgrade to 1.4 as our Server hard drive failed.

What is happening in 1.4 is when we call one of the IP handsets, the call is automatically placed on hold and the ringing party hears the on hold music until the call is answered :-

The Dial Command we are using is Dial(SIP/41,30,tTr)

Extension Changed 15[internal] new state Ringing for Notify User 12 (queued)
– SIP/41-0820d100 is ringing
– Call on SIP/41-0820d100 placed on hold
– Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on SIP/15-08293c40
– SIP/41-0820d100 is making progress passing it to SIP/15-08293c40
– SIP/15-0822db80 is ringing
– SIP/15-0822db80 is ringing
– SIP/15-0822db80 is ringing

This behaviour was not present in 1.2

I assume it has something to do with the way the IP end handles the call. When sending an Invite, the IP system responds back with a 302 Moved Temporarily and gives the Address and Port number of where the Call should be directed. The call is then redirected to the destination and port number sent.

Why would i be getting Hold music in 1.4 suring this leg when in 1.2 it was working perfectly and I was hearing ringing…

Thanks in advance