3 servers with same point code

Hi Sir,

We have 3 server setup with same POINT CODE.

In each server we have installed asterisk-, asterisk-addons-, libss7-1.0.0, dahdi-linux-, dahdi-tools-

There are 3 SLC.

First server with 12 E1’s and SLC=0

Second server with 12 E1’s and SLC=1

Third server with 16 E1’s and SLC=2

When we open asterisk, link is becoming up in all three servers.

But when we make calls, calls are not maturing.

So when we make any one of the SLC down, calls are maturing from other 2 servers.

Could any one please suggest how can i make 3 servers with SAME POINT CODE setup to make error free calls.

Thanks in advance.


What is your basis for assuming this is a valid use of SS7?

Ya this is for ss7 configuration.

It is a very long time since I looked at SS7 and that was in relation to System X, but I would not have expected it to be intended use that three different systems shared a signalling point code. I was asking you to provide evidence that I am wrong in that assumption.

would you provide your mobile number so that i ll explain u the concept which we are using