*3 caller stops recording, called starts recording


I have set up this custom feature:
automixmon => *3

I have a call flow going to queue 1000 with recording automatically started:
exten => 572,n,Dial(local/1000@from-internal,15,trwWbxXM(one-touch-record))

When the caller presses *3, recording is stopped:

User hit ‘*3’ to stop recording call.
== MixMonitor close filestream (mixed)
== End MixMonitor Recording Local/1000@from-internal-00000027;1

But when the called agent presses *3, recording ‘starts’:

– User hit ‘*3’ to record call. filename: auto-1379505742-300-02070598947
== Begin MixMonitor Recording SIP/pureip-00000038

I would like the recording to stop when the agent presses *3 - does anyone know why the above is happening and how i can get the recording to stop with the agent presses *3 too?

thank you

Better use StopMixmonitor voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … MixMonitor