2-way audio lost on queue after asterisk upgrade

We have recently upgraded asterisk and our linux servers and this has caused a bizarre 1-way audio issue for queue users which we cannot seem to resolve.

We moved from asterisk 11.25.1 to asterisk 14.1.2 and to asterisk 13.8-cert4 with the same negative issue occurring on both installs.

We are currently using Ubuntu 16.04.1, which was upgraded from a prior version.

The issue -----------

We have multiple locations, multiple routers, and multiple phone types in our configuration.

We have no issues with 1-way audio except for queues.

All queues provide correct 2-way audio EXCEPT for queues where Cisco 504G amd 303 phones are at play.

We also have queues where the same phone types are involved but with no issue.

This only occurred after an upgrade. All Asterisk configurations stayed EXACTLY the same.

Locations with 1-way audio in queues are corrected when queues are circumvented and the phones ring directly (i.e., queues seem to be the issue).

Phones that produce one-way audio when in a queue resolve the issue when the phone has a forward placed on it.

Is this a queue bridging issue? We currently cannot reproduce this issue in our test environment with the exact same configuration but the issue persists in production never-the-less.

What configuration “switches” have changed that has caused this. Please advise.

I’d suggest providing the configuration as well as console output and SIP logging. It may provide insight into what is going on.