2 questions

  1. I wan’t to be able to call predefined extension by clicking the button in my software witch is written in c++. It should ring my analog phone connected to TDM400 FXS port as well as called phone number. Basicly it should interconnect 2 predefined extensions (both phones ring).
    It would be run from another Windows machine in network.
    Can it be done and what is the best way to do it?

  2. What will happen when i run out of disk space on asterisk machine witch is set to record calls?

  1. You should use the manager API for this. What you want to use is the Originate Action. Look for more details in the wiki. If you are using Asterisk 1.4 or lower and you are going to connect to the Manager Interface from more than one client I would look into using a Manager Proxy (also available in the wiki). A proxy is not neccessary (AFAIK) with 1.6 because it was designed to be more robust to allow more connects and disconnects. With Asterisk 1.4 and lower the Manager Interface will panic and crash if there are too many connection and disconnects, the proxy solves this issue.

  2. Not 100% sure as I dont record calls but my guess is it will continue recording until the disk is full and then crash. Hopefully someone with more recording knowledge can help you out.

Thank you