*2 Attended Transfer not working


I am having some trouble with the *2 Feature code attended transfer.
Attended transfers work fine when calling directly to an extension or when I make a internal call. The trouble I am having is when the call comes in to a ring group from the IVR. When I pick up the call and dial *2 the dtmf tone is just played down the line and no Transfer message is played to me like it does with a direct call.

Could this be a configuration issue with my pbx or is likely to a be problem with my handsets?

I am currently running Asterisk Now 11.2.1 with FreePBX and my phones are Grandstream GXP2010’s running the latest firmware.



As Asterisk doesn’t have a concept of a ring group, how have you implemented them? The two most common ways are & in the dial string and ringall queues. However, both Dial and Queue accept both the T and t options.

This is a FreePBX issue tale a look here for the solution issues.freepbx.org/i#browse/FREEPBX-6474