1x SIP -> a lot of incoming Numbers


I have one SIP-Account for Out-&Inbound Calls. For Inbound I have like 20 different numbers. How can I register these numbers and sort them into different SIP Accounts.

register => test:test@ip.sip.server/4234324234/4324234231/32321321....

If I call these numbers it seems to work, but I cant sort them into their own SIP-Accounts like:

exten => 4234324234,1,Dial(SIP/basty,60)
exten => 4324234231,1,Dial(SIP/blah,60)
exten => 32321321,1,1Dial(SIP/new,60)

When I call 4234324234 the SIP-Phone “basty” rings. When I call 32321321 basty calls also.

you have a syntax error, the last line should be:

exten => 32321321,1,Dial(SIP/new,60)

Note that you have a 1 in front of the dial.

yep - sorry, that was a typo. But it doesnt change my Problem. It seems that I just can register ONE Number for ONE SIP Account in Asterisk.