13 not compiling and/or executing propery in virtual machine

I am compiling in CentOS 6.x tested in virtual environments Virtual Box and Hyper-V

After complete compiling without error, I start asterisk with:


The response is repeated over and over, I would say indication Asterisk is failing to start then tries to start again:

While it is shown running in the process list, trying to access it via “asterisk -rvvv” fails.

I believe this is related to an old unresolved bug:


If it is executing an illegal instruction that is either a fault in the VM or the the compiler. It is very unlikely to be the compiler, so I would say the problem was that the VM is announcing CPU capabilities that it is not prepared to honour. I also believe the workaround for this is to force the architecture used for the compilation to be something sufficiently generic.

There is an option to not have it “build_native” to have it compile a generic build, but as seen, it is not working.

In that case, you need to positively identify the failure mode, rather than just guess that it is an illegal instruction. E.g. run Asterisk manually under gdb. (First run it manually with -cvvv to see if you get any logging output either explaining the abort or giving a clue as to where it is aborting.

after running that I get

Then I ran “ldconfig”

That error goes away then I am presented with a new one:

Seems it is a common issue being discussed on many forums.

Well, I don’t know CentOS, but I got similar errors when trying to compile Asterisk 13.0.1 on debian. In my case, it was sufficient to just install the libjansson packages (development and binary).

I am aware of that you wrote that compiling went without errors. Perhaps you have installed only the development package for libjansson, but not the binary package? That would explain why compiling went fine but asterisk actually does not find the library. Please double check by means of your package management system.

Please let us know the result …

The version of JSON Asterisk wanted is not available in any CentOS repo so I compiled the source from the JSON web site.


Now this is occurring in the latest version of 11.

“asterisk: error while loading shared libraries: libasteriskssl.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

What is going on here?