1 to Many Live Video Streaming

Hi, I have just started to use Asterisk and have a question about it.

I am currently planning to replace a live video streaming system made with Flash + RTMP protocol.
The system is composed of a client-server style, and the server relays live video published by a client to many (more than 100) other clients.
I think this is a typical publish-subscribe based video streaming system.

Can Asterisk (+ ConfBridge) do the same thing as the above server?
As long as I investigated, Asterisk seems to be able to bridge clients so that they can communicate each other with P2P.
However, it does not seem to be capable of broadcasting (multicasting) data received from one client.
Am I right?

We have successfull POC tests of video broadcasting support in ICTBroadcast. We will keep update about progress


No, app_confbridge does not multicast video, nor does the multicast RTP support in Asterisk currently. If you’re using app_confbridge, you can have one participant be the video source, but everyone else will be in the bridge directly, not just listening to a multicast address…unless you wrote some sort of relay that joined the bridge and then itself sent the video out via multicast.