Does Confbridge Video Mode sfu echo my own video?

I have Video conferencing working when multiple parties join the ConfBridge. (PJSIP, WebRTC)

I confirm video conferencing works as expected for multiple users (They can see each other) and I can confirm the Echo() app works as expected for one user. (I can see my own feed).
I confirm Asterisk is receiving my video stream. I can see it in RTP debug and Echo app works as expected.

When I am the only conference participant, I get a video stream but there’s no content coming from it.
Is this supposed to be my “own” video feed, or am I responsible for showing the users own video to them? Is echoing back your own video a configuration of ConfBridge?

It does not echo your own video. You are responsible for showing people their own video.

Perfect. Thanks @jcolp

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