1.2.x dropping packets?

Out of the blue, our Asterisk 1.2.x appeared to develop
problems with seeing all of the packets coming into the
server. Phones would register/un-register randomly as
the Asterisk server caught/ignored various UDP packets.
We could watch the packets via tcpdump on the server,
so they were arriving, but they randomly seemed to get
ignored. We had to switch to the backup Asterisk server.

Any ideas what could cause something like this? Is there
a means within Asterisk to possible troubleshoot the issue?



Did you ever find a solution/reason as to why this happened???

I beleive the same thing has just happened to me… My asterisk 1.2.15 has been working perfectly for ages, now all of a sudden I am getting lots of complaints about people having to reboot their spa3000’s in order to make a phone call.

My debugging shows that the SPA’s are losing registration, but right before this happens, I see 2 REGISTER requests come in within the space of a few milli seconds… Which seems strange in itself, as it’s like the SPA is not even waiting for a timeout, it juset sends a register, then like 2ms later, resends the same register request. I beleive this then confuses asterisk and/or the spa and the spa gives up for 20 mins before trying again, which will work for a random period of time, then the same thing happens again.

It could be something to do with a stale nonce deadlock or something, wehre the spa is sending register requests at the same time as asterisk is telling the spa about a new nonce…

It’s got me buggered atm :frowning: