Ztdummy and trunks

Hi all,

From what I understood so far I need to have ztdummy installed if I don’t have any digium hardware and I want to use meetme conferencing. So I installed ztdummy.

If I use ztdummy is there any meening for using ZAP trunk in the dial plan? Or in different words if I use ztdummy is there any meaning to the text ‘Zap/g1’ or ‘Zap/g2’ in the extensions.conf file?

Should zapata.conf be configured when using ztdummy? Is there a default zapata.conf for such a case?



If you just use ztdummy the zaptel trunks in extensions.conf are meaningless (or better, not used) and you don’t need to edit zapata.conf, because it needs to be configured only when you have real hardware the uses the zaptel interface, so just use the default zapata.conf in your case.


Marco Bruni