Zoom 58xx ATAs

Can anyone who has gotten a Zoom 5800 or 5801 ATA to work with Asterisk please post their sip.conf entry and what they put in the fields of the Zoom Account 1 page?

I can not get it to register properly with a host=dynamic configuration, and the documentation provided by Zoom is pitifully inadequate. Their tech-support is clueless as well.

I have narrowed down the problem to my use of non-standard ports. My LAN has a Vonage ATA on it as well using port 5060 which I can’t change. (Because incoming packets from Vonage to port 5060 will be directed there.)

The problem is to get my Zoom 5800 ATA, which will be outside my NAT router, to connect to my internal asterisk server and not the Vonage ATA. I do not need anyone else to connect to me with SIP since I use IAX for that.

So my approach was to have the Asterisk listen on port 5065 instead. All of my softphones and my SPA3000 dealt with this no problem. The problem is getting the Zoom 5800 to connect to a non-standard port. How do I do that? Putting “:5065” in the appropriate VOIP Account fields does not seem to work.
I can’t see what is happening with my Ethereal sniffer because it is not seeing the traffic at all - I think because of an intervening ethernet switch not passing traffic not address to the Linux box where Ethereal is running.

vonage ata will work on a non standard port. On my LAN i forward port 5060 to asterisk, vonage device seems to work around it somehow.

If you call vonage they can change the port your device uses so you can forward one, but in my experience this is not required…

i have the motorola ATA

I don’t like vonage :frowning:

I took the Vonage out of its DMZ and let it fend for itself. Port 5060 forwards to Asterisk and the Vonage seems to work around it somehow.

Vonage was fine until I figured out how to do it myself with Asterisk, wholesale PSTN providers, and my own ATAs. I plan to dump them once I have everything working seamlessly.

good luck. i am in the same boat. Vonage assigned my phone number and i gave it out before i knew crap about VoIP… those were the days…

anyway i tried to switch to a voip provider and apparently vonage did something to the DID that prevents it from being ported. Quantumvoice tried to port it for a very long time and eventually gave up… their upstream carrier said the line had ‘local services enabled’ shrug. Might try another carrier soon…