Zaptel driver in FreeBSD4.11

i ports asterisk-1.0.9_2 in freebsd4.11,when load zaptel driver,get
"./ start
Keyword: [fxsks], Value: [1]
Keyword: [loadzone], Value: [us]
Keyword: [defaultzone], Value: [us]
open: No such file or directory
Notice: Configuration file is /usr/local/etc/zaptel.conf
line 4: Unable to open master device '/dev/zap/ctl’
zaptel-0.10_1 '",
i know is udevd rules problem,how to fix it?
FreeBSD 5 load zaptel driver ok,
FreeBSD 5.x has a dynamic /dev filesystem. This means that entries in /dev are created or removed depending on the available devices.