Zaptel causing segmentation fault

Hi, I was given the task of trying to figure out why callerID is not working on out second asterisk box, using PRI ISDN. I’m the third person now attempting to fix this issue.

  1. Asterisk 1.4.14
  2. zaptel-1.4.6
  3. libpri-1.4.1

I’ve just installed zaptel- & libpri-1.6-current, and immediately started getting segmentation faults. I can log into asterisk (which recognises that a zaptel interface exists) but as soon as I phone into asterisk then after two rings a segfault occurs.

The following appears in /proc/zaptel:

"Span 1: WCT1/0 "Wildcard TE120P Card 0" (MASTER) HDB3/CCS/CRC4 RECOVERING
        IRQ misses: 51

           1 WCT1/0/1 Clear
           2 WCT1/0/2 Clear
           3 WCT1/0/3 Clear
           4 WCT1/0/4 Clear
           5 WCT1/0/5 Clear
           6 WCT1/0/6 Clear
           7 WCT1/0/7 Clear
           8 WCT1/0/8 Clear
           9 WCT1/0/9 Clear
          10 WCT1/0/10 Clear
          11 WCT1/0/11 Clear
          12 WCT1/0/12 Clear
          13 WCT1/0/13 Clear
          14 WCT1/0/14 Clear
          15 WCT1/0/15 Clear
          16 WCT1/0/16 HDLCFCS
          17 WCT1/0/17 Clear
          18 WCT1/0/18 Clear
          19 WCT1/0/19 Clear
          20 WCT1/0/20 Clear
          21 WCT1/0/21 Clear
          22 WCT1/0/22 Clear
          23 WCT1/0/23 Clear
          24 WCT1/0/24 Clear
          25 WCT1/0/25 Clear
          26 WCT1/0/26 Clear
          27 WCT1/0/27 Clear
          28 WCT1/0/28 Clear
          29 WCT1/0/29 Clear
          30 WCT1/0/30 Clear
          31 WCT1/0/31 Clear"