Zap and SIP channels won't bridge

I successfully configured a X-Lite softphone on a Windows PC to register with my Asterisk server. I recieves calls via SIP just fine. The problem comes wen trying to make outbound calls. Askterisk shows a message saying somthing like this:

“Trying to bridge channel Zap/4 and channel SIP/john…”

But it never happens. There’s no timeout either, it just never bridges.
Ports 5060 and 8000 are open on the server (Fedora based). What could be the problem?

Check your zap channels.
Try to dial ZAP/1,ZAP/2,ZAP/3 …
Use tool which is in zaptel direktory called fxstest to see if you really have ZAP chanels, then check your zapata.conf and zaptel.conf

I do have the Zap/4 channel. I can actually make outbound calls from an analog phone on Zap/1 (fxs). Asterisk shows the same message:

“Trying to bridge channel Zap/4 and channel Zap/1…”

and it is successful, but went trying to make outbound calls from the Softphone via SIP it wont bridge the channels.