Your Oppinion?

Hi Everyone,

I would just like to know what your general opinion would be on this type of setup, or possible ways to improve it?

Setup is as follows:

2x Asterisk @ Home units (running Asterisk@home 1.3)

Each unit has a TE405P card configured with only 1 span at the moment. Span configuration is as follows:


I had to put the crc4 on as it wouldn’t pick up the primary d-channel.

Now the way these 2 asterisk boxes talk to each other is over a Nstreme 5.8GHz link running at a stable 36mbps link. (36mbps RX and 36mbps TX) So there should be ample bandwidth, and since its running 5.8GHz, shouldn’t have to much interference.

Now the 2 asterisk boxes have an IAX2 trunk between them configured with 30 channels.

What will be the best way to support between 10 and 15 simultaneous calls? Should I lower the codec to say g739 ? At the moment, its set to allow=all. My query is, when a call is made is automatically runs at alaw on format 8. Is that good, or should I try use ulaw?