You do not appear to have kernel sources ***[linux26] error


When I try to make the files, I get an error saying I do not appear to have kernel source? I have followed the tutorial and used apt-get to get bison etc… , but do not know how to get a kernel source. Any suggestions?


not sure if this will help . I look like u install the kernel as a rpm. I am using fedora and installed from disk which gave me the option to include the kernel source. kernel source can be found at /usr/src/linux-XversionX.

You need the kernel sources for the exact kernel that you are using. Which means that you need to either get the kernel sources from your distrobution, which varies from distro to disto, or you need to build a new kernel from source ( as mentioned in previous reply ). It’s is probably easier to install your distro’s kernel source. Post your distrobution and someone should be able to help you with what package to install.