XPro and Asterisk/g711a

hi everybody,

i need a little help if possible.

I’ve configured my asterisk by sip.conf , visnd.con and extensions.conf and everything going on well with SjPhone, but now i’ve bought a Windows Vista Notebook and SjPhone goin’ hell becouse it’s incompatible (damn).

I’ve bought Xten Xpro but there is a problem. When incoming call (or outgoing, is the same) arrived Xpro set codec by itself in g711a mode… and it buzzy , izzy, scratching on the phone… grrr… this didn’t happened with gsm codec in internal calls… how can i could do to set by default gsm codec for ALL calls, incoming, outgoing, by isdn and so on?

i’ve thought to put in [general]

in visdn.conf and sip.conf … but this isn’t good.

PS: Sorry for English, scholastic one! :wink:

have you set your codec preferences for the user in sip.conf instead of the [general] section ?

you shouldn’t have noise just because it’s ulaw/alaw though … i would start to look at the sound card drivers as being a possible problem.

Yes, drivers are already installed “Realtek High Definition Audio”.

Directx10 was already installed on board.

Asterisk 1.2.14 always run perfectly under Xp Professional

Now in Windows Vista Business the clients wont run and this is very strange!

Internal calls perfect.

Extarnal calls : I hear perfect but interlocutor not!

I’ve tryed with Logitech USB Headset and with normal Jack 3,5mm Headset.

Sip.conf i’ve tried to disallow all and single codec by codec, but nothing change… is the only way to force a codec?

I’ve to change something in visdn.conf or extensions.conf?