x100P modprobe wcfxo user

I followed the steps that are listed on the internet everywhere, but here is the error I receive when running:

modprobe wcfxo

the output is:
ZT_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 1: No such device or address (6)
FATAL: Error running install command for wcfxo

I have already looked in the /etc/log/messages, but nothing is there. I should see some kind of Wildcard entry. When I run modprobe zaptel, I do see the Zapatel entry in the log.

What an I doing wrong? I am using the latest version of Fedora

what kind of card do you have ?
I have the same probleme; to solve it I looked into my files what kind of card I had and I realize that I had wct4xxp

so instead to write [color=green]modprobe wct411p [/color], I wrote [color=brown]modprobe wct4xxp [/color]!
You can write [color=green]locate wcfxo [/color]to see in which file are your devices and you will see if you have another name for your card.


Here is the card I bought.

cgi.ebay.com/Digium-Wildcard-X10 … dZViewItem


when you write the command lsmod , do you see the module zaptel .
you should see a line where is write zaptel , the cpu it use and at the end, you will see if someone or something use it .

Send the result of [color=green]lsmod [/color]and the result of [color=green]locate wcfxo[/color]