Wrong defaultlanguage after reload

There is a line
in asterisk.conf, and everything is working fine
Playback(“PJSIP/EXT0-00000001”, “en/vm-isunavail”)
After I modified file
and made “reload” from asterisk CLI, is still says
Playback(“PJSIP/EXT0-00000001”, “en/vm-isunavail”)
I noticed, that restarting whole asterisk process resolves the issue. Is there any other way to change defaultlanguage?

Channel drivers have their own language settings and if an audio snippet is not available in a given language, the en directory is searched for the file. You could explicitly set the language for a channel with Set(CHANNEL(language)=…) and see whether this makes a difference.

“defaultlanguage” in asterisk.conf is not something that can be changed at runtime, it requires a restart. The channel driver option that @EkFudrek mentioned can be changed at runtime instead.

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