WireGuard and AYIYA Ports


Our RTP Ports were defined to be from UDP ports 8000 to 60000. But we found in the PCAPs that ASTERISK was sending traffic on UDP port 5069 (WireGurad) and UDP port 5072 (AYIYA).

Please help on how we can suppress ASTERISK from sending traffic on these ports.

Was that what asterisk was requesting to use for rtp or what the other side wanted? If you use Wireshark or sngrep what port is shown in the sdp?

When you say “sending traffic on UDP port” are the ports 5069 and 5072 the SOURCE or DESTINATION of the traffic?

The ports you setup applies only to the Asterisk side of things. Asterisk will send RTP traffic, to whatever port the sender requests with SDP.

That is, if I configure my Asterisk to use ports 2000 for RTP, and you setup yours to use 4000, the traffic you see on your Asterisk will have port 2000 as source and 4000 as destination for inbound traffic, and the reverse for outbound.

Hi. Here it is:
Src: ASTERISK Server
Dst: Voicebot SBC
Source Port: 34402
Destination Port: 5069
Protocol: WireGuard

Src: ASTERISK Server
Dst: Voicebot SBC
Src Port: 34402
Dst Port: 5072
Protocol: AYIYA

The problem is on how we can prove that it was our Voicebot Provider that sent the traffic using WireGuard and AYIYA protocols because we can’t find any PCAP that shows:
Src: Voicebot SBC
Dst: ASTERISK Server

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