Why uniqueid doesn't change when transfer a call

hello dear friends.
i have a seroius problem with uniqueid.
when i make an inbound or outgoing call, channel have a uniqueid,
when i transfer the call and send call to [from-transfer] context (my custom context), when i verbose uniquid in this new context, it doesn’t change and still is first channel uniqueid.
about 1 week ago i test this case and uniqueid in transfer context differed from first uniqueid
but i dont know what happen that today both uniqueid are the same,

please help and say which configs may result in this event ?

i really have problem in my senario , a big problem.

thanks for your kind help and support.

Why should it? I think you are relying on an imlementation detail, not specified behaviour.

Historically, at least, the unqueid changed at that point becaue a masquarade was needed to break the channel out of a bridge, and masqueradades are very much an imlementation detail.

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