Why only 3 extension for AsteriskNow?

After create 3 extension, I can not create more extension.

Do I miss something?


I dont understand…Asterisk limites 3 extensions for AsteriskNow version??

undoubtedly you are missing something since there are no such limits but since you provide zero details as to where and how you are concluding such limits do exist, it is impossible to even speculate on what you are missing.


It is bug, I can not add extension “555”, however, I can add “552” extension.

Anyone tell me what’s wrong?

You may get better luck on the AsteriskNow forum.

I think so.

I got bad luck of 3CX, bad service also. Then I go for Asterisk. Seems Asterisk is more complicated especially for me, a new-new-newBB of Linux. But be honest, I hate haughty and petty 3CX. So I would spend more time on Asterisk.