Why lines after Confbridge application is not executing

exten => 5555,1,Answer()
exten => 5555,2,playback(beep)
exten => 5555,n,ConfBridge(1,default_bridge,admin_user)
exten => 5555,n,Verbose(2, Ending the conference)

In above context, Once a conference is started,why lines after it not getting executed. I understood that once the conference is started it is halted over there till the conference end. But how to execute the next sentence after the conference ends?

What are you doing to end the conference?

Nothing as of now !

But I have to cancel/terminate the conference when End-point who initiated the conference send CANCEL(button on application to leave conference) to the asterisk server

Why do you expect the conference to end if you aren’t doing anything to end it. If the initiator hangs up, the dialplan will not continue (but the conference might).

To end conference initiator is pressing cancel button in application, But even though next line in dial plan is not executing.

What I can do to execute some lines when, Imitator hangs up conference by pressing cancel button in application ?

What does the cancel button do? I cannot find “cancel” in the ConfBridge documentation.

In SIP client I have a button to exit from the conference.
I found that Hangup handlers can do that, when User exit from conference.
I tried one hangup handlers and Able to do something when the user exit from the conference.

Am I on right track? :thinking:

I’ve no idea what the button on the phone does.

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