Why Asterisk send RTP but I doesen't hear?


I have Asterisk behind NAT, I am too behind NAT. When I make a call i see on CLI that Asterisk send RTP to my WAN IP, but wireshark dont see incoming RTP to my computer, it show only RTP to Asterisk.

Another one, Is this output are correct?

pbx-test*CLI> stun show status
Hostname Port Period Retries Status ExternAddr ExternPort
(null) 0 30 3 INIT 0

Have you configured Asterisk to know that it is behind NAT with ports forwarded, as well as to know the remote endpoint is behind NAT?

I’m not sure.

  1. I forward ports udp 5060, 10000-20000 from WAN to local address of Asterisk
    And I am able send Invite to Asterisk, and PBX recognize it.
  2. I configured transport like this:

Transport: <TransportId…> <BindAddress…>

Transport: transport-udp udp 0 0

ParameterName : ParameterValue

allow_reload : false
async_operations : 1
bind :
ca_list_file :
ca_list_path :
cert_file :
cipher :
cos : 0
domain :
external_media_address :
external_signaling_address :
external_signaling_port : 0
local_net :
local_net :
method : unspecified
password :
priv_key_file :
protocol : udp
require_client_cert : No
symmetric_transport : false
tos : 0
verify_client : No
verify_server : No
websocket_write_timeout : 100

Ok, thank you @jcolp.

My situation. I have in remote data center bare metal with installed proxmox. On this machine I have 2 KVM. First is for the router and second is for router

On another side is my home, there is classic. Router (Mikrotik) and my computer.

My issue is that I configured very simple dialplan

exten => 1,1,Noop()
same => n,Answer()
same => n,Playback(tt-weasels)
same => n,Echo
same => n,Hangup

I see that Asterisk send RTP to my WAN address but RTP doesnt’ come t omy computer.

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