Who shot the Digital Receptionist?

After haved spent a number of workours to get my Aterisk@home to work, everythings work, exept for one …

There is no syntesized sound from the intallation. When I try to record for the digital receptionist using *77 there is no sound. When I try to playback there is also no playback. When I try a Echo test there is no sound at all. And when I try to call 7777 to simulate a inbound call, this does not happen. One of the other local telephones is calling instead.

Inbound and outbound lines works all like they should. Telephony works great.

Will I have to install it all all over again to wake up the digital receptionist again, or is there some other smart way to do some trobleshouing ?

(I have already tried to start “asterisk -vvvr”. I can see that the scripts that should generate the sound is running, but there is no sound …)