Who can help me?

Hi everybody,

I want to develop an application(symbian c++ or java) running on my cell phone, that let me send messages(IM), files, voice/video (PTT/VOIP/Video Conference) to another cell phone(same application)… Some friend required that i implement SIP/H323 and to take asterisk as sip/h323 server.

I know some notion about symbian c++, java, and a small experience in c. I took a look on the asterisk code source, but I didn’t understand its structure, nor how it works…

Is asterisk the server i’m looking for, or not?

if yes:
Is there any light version, or detailed document, how to use it or where i can start modifying it…


You can hit wireless network performance issue. Voice/video applications require low delay, low jitter network connection. Besides that high bandwidth and low CPU cost codecs such as G.711, which requires 80k of bandwidth with less then 20ms jitter. For high compression (high CPU cost) codecs you will need to use some hardware features of the phone, pure software solution most likely will have issues. Situation with real-time VTC even worse, you need at least 128k of bandwidth with heavy H.264 codec. Jitter should be no more then 30ms. Messages and files are fine, you can use Aterisk for it using SIP as a signaling protocol.

Currently voice and video for cell phones work over specificly designed networks, not over general broadband data network services. Video and voice use hardware features for codecs and guaranteed bandwidth for service (pretty expensive). Broadband band data service doesn’t give anything but best effort delivery service (may work, may not). So if you do have lots of spare time, give it a try (sure I’m interesting in results), if not, it’s gonnaby just wasting.