Which minipci GSM/CDMA cards to use with openvox ipc110?

I have purchased an openvox ipc110 to use as my asterisk device.

This device:

openvox.cn/en/products/embed … pc110.html

has two mini-pcie slots, so I can install two modems internally.

I would like to configure asterisk with one 2G GSM channel, and one Verizon CDMA channel.

What model minipci cards should I buy for each of these ?

Is there something like chan_mobile that I can use to make the minipci cards asterisk channels ?


Openvox do not provide support on this forum.

Yes, I know. Of course they don’t.

I’m not asking for openvox support.

I am asking what people recommend for a minipci GSM card and a minipci CDMA card that I can use as asterisk channels ?

I just mentioned what board I use just in case it helps with the question.


I would recommend using external GSM-VoIP gateways. That way Asterisk will be pure SIP-SIP and I think that you will avoid a lot of potential problems with using a dedicated gateway.

Ok, thank you.

However, I have space and power limitations, so I am still interested in internal minipci gsm and cdma modems.

Are there minipci modems that I can use as channels with asterisk … kind of like how you can use USB modem with chan_mobile ?