Which hardware to be used for asterisk implemetation for real time application


I have installed asterix now 10.13 64 bit in VM Ware and able to communicate with the Soft phones like Zoiper (https://www.zoiper.com/) , but now i am facing problem with the real time hardware phones to be used .

I need to setup a number and if any user calls to that number it should be received automatically by asterisk server.

Which hardware to be used to insert SIM and how can i integrate that device with the asterisk server?

What is a “real time hardware phone”?

Asterisk is always a real time application, as it has scheduling latency requirements that should ideally, be well under 20ms…

I mean real hardware phone in sense a device which accepts GSM SIM, How to integrate that device with Asterisk

If you mean a cellular phone, you will need a cellular network operator, and either PSTN access (e.g. ISDN or analogue card, in the PC, or a SIP to analogue gateway device, together with a suitable PSTN account and line, or the services of Intenet Telephony Service Provider), or, if allowed in your country, a cellular gateway device (together with SIM and cellular network contract).

Whilst there is open source software that can be used, with suitable hardware, to create your own cellular base station, that would normally require a government licence that is unlikely to be available to end users.

I think you need to do more background reading and clarify your requirements. Knowing your country would probably also help; it sound like you may be in a country without significant landline telephony infrastructure.

Can we use any USB Dongles with SIM for Asterisk Server ??

If any one tried wih any usb Dongles please suggest the dongle model number.

chan_dongle is community provided code. There is no certainty that any regular responder on this forum is familiar with it or its hardware compatibility list.