What's the best way to implement this (see inside)

So what I’m looking to do is setup one conference number and setup many users / pins so that I can have multiple conferences going on at the same time utilizing the same conference phone number?

Any suggestions?


Simple, Setup one DID and point it to the meetme and set up multilple rooms, Now depending on how many users expect them to get a little annoyed if you rely on ztdummy for timing


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve got one DID setup and it’s pointed to MeetMe and it works for 1 pin. What switch would I use to have it setup multiple rooms and authenticate the pins to steer the callers. I’m trying to have it setup so that Callers A B C D call into the bridge. Caller A enters a pin of 1 and goes to bridge 1, caller B enters a pin of 1 and goes to bridge 1 as well. Caller’s C and D enter a pin of 2 and go to bridge 2.

Your thoughts / guidance are greatly appreciated.

This bit of code lets you use dynamic rooms and the database to store the usernames and passwords.

exten => 564,1,Answer ; Answer the line exten => 564,n,Read(conf_num,enter-conf-call-number,4) exten => 564,n,set(passpin=${DB(confer/${conf_num})}) exten => 564,n,Authenticate(${passpin}) exten => 564,n,MeetMe(${conf_num}|siMDc|${passpin}) exten => 564,n,Hangup()

Obviously there is more, like the code to set the pins and reset them but this will get you going.


can I use a mySQL db for this or do I have to use the AstDB? If I have to use the AstDB, what would you recommend as a good resource for me to read up on how to utilize the AstDB?

Thanks in advance for your time.