What latency is acceptable

Hello, everyone.
I have more of a theoretical question. What latency is acceptable for connection beetween me and my sip clients/providers? Which is the way to monitor it? Are the milliseconds that I see with “sip show peers” the same as ping round trip times, when I do ping to my clients/providers?
Thanks in advance.

yeah the latency is the same- what you see from sip show peers is only displayed if you have qualify=yes. Every few mins it sends a bogus sip command and gets a SIP response, this is like a ping except SIP instead of ICMP.

Latency is a matter of preference. You can use voip just fine with 500ms or higher latency but you will start to notice the delay (what you say takes long time to come out on the other end, thus the response takes a long time too).

what is NOT okay for VoIP is jitter- that is large fluctuations in latency. Jitter causes problems. It can be helped with a jitter buffer, which is introduced in Asterisk 1.4.

hope that helps