What does the second argumnet after 'exten =>' means?


What does the second argumnet atfer exten => means?

exten => 500,1,Dial(SIP/magne)

What does the argumnet 1 sands for? And why is this sometimes n, 2, 3 and so on…

Is there a section that describe these arguments in the book The Future of Telephony ?

It simply spells out the order of command that asterisk will execute. So you 1 just means it will be exucuted first. You could have it answer then play message (please wait when we try to reach ) and then dial extension so in that case we would have exten => 500,3,Dial(SIP/magne)

Okay, just as i thought. What does the n indicate?

It means you haven’t done your basic reading, in this case page 123 of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, which is available online via asteriskdocs.org/